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Patient Experiences

Case Studies - Balanced Bodies

Fertility Success! 2021

We started trying for baby #2 in October of 2019. By the following year, I was feeling really defeated. I was 38. I really didn't want to have a baby after 40. My first pregnancy was painful with me being off work for 6 months of it. I knew with my age and experience, the next one was likely to be the same. In January of 2021 I contacted Kelly. I explained what was happening and she got me in to see her by mid February. 

At first I was a bit skeptical. Holding the rods and just waiting...I totally believe in energy, but, this seemed surreal. 

It wasn't until I started taking my drops and pills that I noticed a difference in me. My mood was better. My energy was better. 

By March I was into my 3rd visit I believe. At that time I was not yet pregnant. Kelly mentioned during my last visit that I was showing signs of rubella. As it turns out, when I got my blood work back after finding out I was pregnant, it said I was once positive for the rubella virus and was now negative. I had no questions about her legitimacy prior, but if I had, this sealed the deal for me. 

I am so grateful to Kelly. I have a beautiful baby boy and I truly believe that without her, it may never have happened.

Fertility Issues/Hormonal Imbalance

August 2020

I went to Kelly because I was always feeling tired and run down. My sister in law referred me to her and had only good things to say about her. I went last spring (2019) for a few lymphatic drainage massages and a few meridian scans. It only took four months to feel like myself again. She was able to indicate toxins when running the ovaries/uterus scan and my husband and I were trying to get pregnant for 6 months at that time with no luck. With her guidance and avoiding certain foods, I was able to get pregnant right took no time. She also helped me regulate my period. While running functional testing, the main scan had indicated that we needed to address Lyme bacteria, which had shown up. She guided me when was the right time to start trying and to have a healthy home in the womb for the baby. Once we were able to get rid of the toxins, I got pregnant right away. Kelly truly is passionate and cares about you as an individual, she wants you to reach your goals. I can't wait to go back with my baby!


Testimonial: Cancer

Diagnosis Dec 2018, Inactive June 2019, Remission Sept 2019.

Two years prior to meeting Kelly I had been going to doctors to find answers for the problems that I was having with my stomach. After numerous tests they were convinced that it was only Irritated Bowel Syndrome, but none of their treatments provided any relief for my symptoms. My wife had convinced me to try a different approach for a three month period to finding relief for my symptoms. At first I was a little sceptical and my initial thoughts was this is like fairy foo foo dust. It made no sense to me how holding two probes could provide the answers that I was searching for.

Kelly did an excellent job in taking the time to explain how the process worked, reviewed the results that had been determined and recommending the products to take, to get the best results. It was Kelly’s bubbly personality and ability to create a caring relationship that initially kept me going back. But I quickly admired her knowledge, genuine interest in my health and deep desire to provide me with solutions for my symptoms. It did not take long before I started feeling some relief with my stomach pain and an overall feeling better.

A CT scan had identified that I had a tumor about the size of a Madeiran orange pressing against my bowel and the biopsy had determined that it was cancer. When I informed Kelly she had indicated that the bio scans had picked it up four months earlier, but she was not allowed to tell me, because that was considered as giving a medical diagnosis and she is not a medical doctor. Kelly had indicated the products that I was taking was still supporting the healing of the affected organs. Now that I have informed Kelly that I had been diagnosed with stage four Lymphoma she can now do specific cancer scans as well. We had arranged to have bio scans done prior to any CT or PET scans and I was amazed at how accurate they were. Each time the CT or PET scans confirmed what Kelly had already informed me of. I found having the information from the bio scans very empowering when dealing with my oncologist and making decisions about my treatment plan.

Kelly provided amazing support during my healing journey and played a very key role as part of my integrated treatment plan. It was reassuring when my naturopathic doctor and pharmacist confirmed that the products Kelly recommended were very beneficial in strengthening my immune system and promote healing. None of the products would interfere with the chemo treatments and in fact help the chemo be more effective. At this point my cancer is considered inactive.

I have no issue sharing information about sharing my treatment plan with others, but I do not give recommendations to specific professionals lightly. I am very impressed and appreciated of how Kelly has helped me on my healing journey and freely share with others what she had done for me. I do find it honouring when other that I have recommended to see Kelly follow up and let me that they also appreciate working with her.

Greatly appreciated

Garry W

Relief at last

I've had two wonderful sessions with Kelly. I can't even being to describe how amazing I feel afterwards. Since seeing Kelly, I have had fewer headaches, stomach issues, sleeping better and mental health healing. I know by continuing to see Kelly, that we can help solve a lot of these ongoing issues. Kelly makes you feel at ease. You can tell her anything about what is going on with you without feeling embarrassed or judged. I am so blessed to have found Kelly and her natural healing ways. This is exactly what I needed in life. Thank you!


A Patient's Case Study: FIBROMYALGIA since 2009

A patient with fibromyalgia came to me with severe neck and shoulder pain. Their shoulder/arm became weak due to the debilitating pain and non-stop seizing of the muscle. They went from active and healthy, to barely being able to do yoga. The pain would affect them daily, making even the simplest things to do, difficult. Physiotherapy would leave them out of commission for days as it would flare the fibromyalgia. Since 2009, this client has been greatly affected from this. After one session, the client came back to tell me that not only did their shoulder pain drastically decrease, the seizing of the muscles completely stopped and they can move their neck without pain!! With that, they went back to yoga and felt stronger they ever have since being diagnosed and was able to do things that they couldn't for such a long time. Even the yoga teacher and others in the class immediately noticed the difference!! When asked, they told them that this is the result from just one Reflexology Session!! Just another incredible story from to share with you!

Patient has not needed to take anything for pain since their first session, pain is 100% gone! This week they have gone to yoga 4 times and have worked with weights twice!!

This test is amazing! 

I was at my wits end with many health issues. Everyone has on opinion on your health. “It’s this, it’s that,eat this, eat that, go to your family doctor (ie :my dr said it was depression and I needed to take a 20 min walk daily......) and was not keen on doing any testing.... I was gaining weight, could barely eat anything and healthy or not was doing damage to my insides.... I was “sleeping” 8+hrs with 3 hr naps a day. I had no energy, no motivation and was ready to give up. (Theres a lot more symptoms and problems in my journey) but you get he idea. I was just going through motions to get through a day. Living on coffee.... anything that could just boost my energy. I had none. Then I met Kelly. The universe through her at me! And boy what a difference! We started with reflexology, but she knew there was more and she wasn’t going to give up on me. (She knew how defeated I felt). She recommended acupuncture with Tammie at St. Albert acupuncture to see if there was food allergies..... yup there is. Great, another baby step to my health journey that I am so so thankful for! And then in August she recommended the qest4 test! This was such a turning point in my life! It all sounds hocus pocus. Trust me. I can’t even explain it! I didn’t care about how much it was going to cost - again at my wits end with my health and feeling so alone and left high and dry by my doctor I had nothing to loose. It’s a painless test (you hold 2 bars and that’s it!) and off I went with results and some meds to help! holy f! Found out I had radon gas poisoning!! I’ve had it forever! All my symptoms, all my problems which have steamed from a kid , simply “went away”! Like going from having no tastebuds to tastebuds and smells, to SLEEPING! I have never slept a day in my life! To being able to eat! I avoid my allergens and holy cow! What a difference (major avoidance which I had no symptoms to was eggs! I never felt an immediate reaction to them, there for I never suspected it was eggs!), and now being able to breath!When I run, my lungs no longer hurt,I am able to get through a whole day without a 3 hr nap! I’m able to enjoy my life with my boys and able to keep up with Them and actually enjoy doing the things they love. 
My journey of health is not over yet - in fact for the first time in my life, I feel alive. 
If you have any kind of symptom of anything and no one can figure it out, and no matter what you do nothing seems to help, I recommend going to see Kelly Kaminski! She has an incredible sense of knowledge about your body. And can definitely help find out the reason why! 
We are all made of energy and this test is definitely great to help rebalance yourself. It is one of the greatest steps I have taken. 
I can’t even tell you all the amazing things this “hocus pocus” test has done for me!!!

Patient Case Study: Parkinson's Disease

A client came to me, with what the Dr. believes is the early onset of Parkinson's disease. Balance is off, trembling of the hands and feet, neck pain and pain the wrist/hand causing them to bring their hand towards the chest when walking. After trying different therapies, this client decided to try Reflexology to see if it could help them with what could possibly be the early onset of Parkinson's disease. Just after one session, it was noticed immediately that the client was walking completely straight vs leaning forward and to the right!! Not to mention, that during the few hours after the session that not once did the client bring their hand towards their chest! After their second session, it was noted that the trembling in the hands and feet drastically decreased and was not so pronounced like before and the client was actually able to nap and sleep which has been a struggle for quite some time now! This client is amazed with how quick things for them have improved and will be coming back for more sessions!

Patient Case Study: Foot Pain

A few days ago my patient came to me for a session. She had been experiencing intense foot pain for almost a week at that time. During the warm up, I felt something move and heard a "pop" noise come from her right foot, close to the big toe. I immediately asked if she was ok and she said yes and thought it was so weird, as I've done a couple of session on her in the past and had never experienced that before. Now keep in mind that these are very gentle techniques for relaxation.

A few minutes later she told me the one spot that had been hurting, the pain wasn't there anymore but wouldn't know for sure until she got up to walk. Right after the session she got up to walk around and she turned around with a big smile on her face saying how the pain was gone!

I heard back the next day with a huge thank you as the intense pain she had been feeling for almost a week was completely gone and she slept through the entire night, only waking once which is huge for her!

Just another amazing outcome for one of my patients!


Actual Results 

This picture was taken mid-treatment. Patient "A" presented severe swelling in both feet. Half way through, they were completely shocked when they noticed how much I was able to reduce the swelling within 15 mins. Their treatment included a combination of Reflexology and activating Lymph nodes to encourage the fluid to be carried out. The patient left with their feet back to normal size, drastically reducing the pain they were in and circulation really improved as the ice cold feet were now perfectly warm. The feet stayed at the reduced size for over a week before anything started to come back! 

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