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Meridian Scan Analysis

This Meridian Scan Analysis can scan over 65,000 different things in your body through bioenergetic feedback. Let's get down to the ROOT cause of what's going on. 

Allergy sensitivities
Chemical toxicity

Metabolic Disturbances
Immune disorders
Female issues
Inherited predispositions
Skin issues

Respiratory Issues
Digestive issues

Nutritional Deficiencies
Joints and muscle ailments 
Sleep disorders and so much more! 

When we get down the root cause of what's going on, it leaves you with a balanced body and no longer needing to keep treating the symptoms.

To book your appointment call 780-544-9887.


Fees for Meridian Scan Analysis

New Patient Scan: 75 minutes $165

Follow up Scans: 45 minutes $89

Pediatric (12 & under):

New Patient Scan: 45 mins $89

Retests: 30 minutes $60

Surrogate Testing Via Hair or Nail Samples

New Patient Scan: 90 minutes $175

Follow up Scans: 60 minutes $105

Pediatric (12 & under):

New Patient Scan: 60 mins $105

Retests: 45 minutes $79

Additional fees: Supplements and homeopathic remedies will be recommended based on what is needed to help your body return to a balanced state and address your needs. Generally, this can run between $100-$175 on your initial appointment and often, less supplements are needed as your healing progresses. As a rule, we focus on the top 2-3 supplements for where you are at, as well as a customized homeopathic remedies.

Check with your insurance providers about coverage through your Health Spending Account, Health and Wellness or Personal Spending Account.


Top Questions about Meridian Scan Analysis

What is bioenergetic feedback?

Bioenergetic testing is a computerized machine that measures the energy in the body using acupuncture meridian points readings, providing a highly accurate method for determining the energetic causes of your health problems. The computer measures the degree of electrical resistance of the acupuncture points, generally on the hands and feet. These measurements indicate the balances or imbalances of various organs and/or systems in our bodies and it can indicate any degenerative conditions. It will also indicate any homeopathic or nutritional supplements are needed with the exact amount that will bring about the energy balance.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my first session?

•     No heavy fragrances or lotions. I have patients with sensitivities and I ask for you to not wear strong smelling colognes or perfumes. 

•     Individuals with pacemakers may not undergo MSA testing, but can have the surrogate testing provided. Call for more details.

•     Cell phones, or other electrical devices must be removed from your body or pockets.

•     Bring all list of medications, supplements or other remedies you are taking.

  • If you are sick or on antibiotics, you must wait one week after finishing the antibiotics or before booking your scan.

What will my first session be like?

Your first scan will be relaxing. There are two electrodes rods that you hold while I run the scans. That's it! Every visit will be thorough as I will check all areas of concern.

Do you treat patients with severe health problems?

Yes. I have worked with a wide variety of patients such as post stroke, parkinsons and patients with cancer. If needed, I will work with other professions or medical teams to provide top care for my patients while I balance the body energetically and provide relief to the symptoms as the body balances itself.

Bonus to patients

Every visit, patients are allowed to bring up to 5 products (supplements, protein shakes, vitamins, etc. ) for a complimentary check to see if that product agrees with your body or not.

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