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Soul Reflexions AB
Alternative Health Therapies

Welcome to Soul Reflexions, where the journey for a healthier, balanced, happier you begins!

Are you tired of feeling rundown for no reason? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you fed up with doctors telling you all your blood work came back normal and they don't see an issue? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! Many of my patients have exhausted themselves with going to doctor after doctor, having test after test, and still being told everything appears to be fine. Many of them have admitted they've just decided to live with feeling unwell because they were told it's just they way they are. It's time to stop normalizing pain and exhaustion! Let's get you back to feeling like you again!

Here at Soul Reflexions, the overall health and wellness of my patients is my top priority and you will receive nothing but the utmost care. 

As a Natural Health Practitioner, I specialize in a variety of therapeutic and holistic treatments to ensure my patients have the best care to restore balance and get them back optimal health. I provide both cutting edge technology and ancient wisdom to treat the body as a whole, rather than just an illness to be defeated. These treatments include Meridian Scan Analysis, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Reflexology.  

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Meridian Scan Analysis

This Meridian Scan Analysis can scan over 65,000 different things in your body through bioenergetic feedback. Let's get down to the ROOT cause of what's going on. 

Digestive Issues

Allergy Sensitivities
Immune Disorders
Hormonal Imbalances

Reproductive Issues
Inherited Predispositions
Skin Issues
Joints & Muscle Ailments 

Chemical Toxicity
Sleep Disorders and so much more! 

When we get down the root cause of what's going on, it leaves you with a balanced body and no longer needing to keep treating the symptoms.


What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage? 

MLD is a very light pressure therapy used to stimulate the lymphatic system. The amount of lymph fluid being circulated back to the heart in a 24 hour span goes from about 1.5-2L pre-treatment to 10-20L post treatment which can last up to 72 hours!

MLD helps to: 

-increase our immune system by 20%-30% 

-reduce all types of swelling 
-pre and post surgical therapy to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process. Great for C-section, Mastectomies, aesthetic surgeries, Etc.

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Reflexology is a relaxing, non-invasive, therapeutic modality that is done by gently stimulating the reflexes located on the feet. There are over 7,000 nerve endings called reflexes that correspond to the various organs, glands, and systems of the body. Through the application of pressure on the reflexes, reflexology can:
-relieve tension
-restores balance to the body

-increase circulation

-decrease anxiety and stress

-decrease pain and tension

Reflexology can also help manage many common ailments such as:

-digestive and hormonal issues
-colic in babies


Meet Kelly Kaminski N.H.P.

Natural Health Practitioner & Founder of Soul Reflexions AB

Est. 2018

As a recognized member with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, Kelly started her journey as a Certified Foot Reflexologist back in 2010. Over the course of a year, Kelly started to notice that her patients were having significant improvements in their overall health; all by stimulating pressure points on the feet that correspond with the physical body. This peaked her interest and  was the start of her journey that has led her to where she is today.


Certified in Hand Reflexology, Foot Reflexology, Auricular Therapy, Lymphatic Massage and Advanced Bio-feedback to name a few. Currently enrolled with the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, Kelly is working towards her diploma in Homeopathic Medicine & Health Sciences.

The biggest skeptic you ever met! 

"In 1997, at the young age of 12, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. At that time, not much was known about this "disease". Over the years I was subjected to non-stop procedures and was in consistent, excruciating pain.  I had gone through 5 specialists and my home Doctor. They put me on every possible medication they could think of and nothing worked. As the years went by, my health drastically deteriorated, but that didn't stop me from wanting to help others and I was accepted into a Registered Nursing Program in 2004. Unfortunately, that same year was the year my health hit rock bottom. By the age of 21, I was 79 lbs, had received two blood transfusions, bi-weekly iron injections, went from steroids to 36 pills a day to passing out at the hospital for endless hours with blood pressure so low, it would barely register. I remember seeing the doctor with the tears in his eyes, telling my mom that there was nothing more they could do for me unless they removed my entire large intestine. My Mom and Dad wanted to try one last option and told me about this Natural Path Dr. who had helped others like myself. My first initial reaction was "No way! I'm not going to go see some quack doctor!" My parents pleaded for me to go see him. I finally agreed to go, but not for me, for them, because I could see the pain in their eyes every time I said no. To be honest, at that time I was okay with giving up, to not go any further in life. I had spent the majority of it fighting day after day, and I was tired.  This was the first time I was introduced to a Meridian Scan."


How long until you initially started to feel better? 

Within a few short months of having the meridian scan on a regular basis and having additional treatments with the late Dr. David Yawrenko,  I started experiencing life like never before. Instead of going to the washroom 40-60 times a day, it decreased to 10-20 times. My bleeding completely stopped, I was able to keep food down, started gaining weight and even had color to my face! The best was when I was able to walk upright again! For many years, I was hunched over as the pain was so intense, I couldn't stand up straight. The day that I finally could see how much it was helping me was when I ran upstairs to go get something and at the very moment it hit me... The last time I was on those stairs, I had collapsed; that's when my parents moved my bedroom upstairs, because I couldn't physically walk them on my own anymore. I went from that, to running up the stairs?! Now I am seeing just how great the alternative medicine really is working! Within a few short years, Dr. Yawrenko managed to get me into complete remission and I have not been on medication since then.

I went from being the biggest skeptic of Alternative Healing, to dedicating my life to helping others who are struggling with their health. In 2018, I had the honor of being a team member, working with the late Dr. Yawrenko at the New Life Clinic. The very doctor who saved my life over 15 years ago and opened my eyes to a whole new world of healing.  As I journey on, I could not be more honored or excited to offer a more advanced Meridian Scan Analysis to my patients, while offering additional therapeutic treatments. For those who can relate to what I went though, that are just like how I once was; struggling with their health, tired of living everyday in pain, tired of not being heard and feeling like you have ran out of options, I am here for you!

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